Our Academy is based on IIH the 1st Tarot Card.

Balance, Mind Body & Soul achieving equilibrium & maintaining it.

Our foundation is based on Franz Bardon’s IIH “initiation into hermetics” Membership to the Hermetic Academy costs only £11.99 per year. This entitles you to access the online academy member area, find a teacher, attend events, seminars and online events run by the School. Also, access to member’s online research material publisher endorsed books, contribute and discuss with other like-minded Hermetic students.

About Us

The Hermetic Academy in London.

Hermetics is the term given to the magical arts attributed to the ancient Greco- Egyptian teacher Hermes Trismagestus or Trismegistos Greek word meaning triple master or magus. Hermetic teachings tell us that through specific exercises and practices we can learn to control the very substance of thought from which our spiritual beings are made and which READ MORE

Our Classes

Threefold training, Join A Class Today!

MIND (Spiritual)

We are beyond our current mind we are and then we think we are in other words that we existed before this mind this incarnationin this lifetime.

BODY (Material)

Regular excersises keep you subtle and flexable streches are very important for circulation and maintaining a healthy physical body.

SOUL (Astral)

Our emotions are everything this is closely linked with our subconscious automated action, keeping your mind full or aware of the subconscious mind even reprogramming it with good habits within 21 days.

Why Choose Us

Personalised  Instruction For Every Student

All members of the Hermetic academy are welcome to choose a teacher and study directly under them.

Our mature students or teachers have a history in their field of hermetics and are fully committed to ensuring that each and every student under them gains the abilities their course offers.



Re-Balance the 4 elements within

Fire, water, Air and Earth, not forgetting the Fifth AKASHA the {Ether) the source.


Be aware of yourself at all times, be conscious and awake throughout your daily life.

Emptiness of mind

Become able to empty your mind at any moment and fill it with positive thoughts and emotions, taking over from the uncontrolled subvocalization of uncontrolled thoughts taking over rather transmute them into positive habits.

The inverted man or we should now say (Inverted Human) posture

So many benefits to head standing, not only can you give your organs a rest from gravities pull, you also refresh the brain with oxygen-rich blood and strengthen the nerves and much much more.

Know your bodies

We have more than one body, in that we have the physical, mental and emotional parts, to our whole selves which need to be trained at the same time to achieve equilibrium.

Gain and Maintain Equilibrium

We train threefold mind body and soul simultaneously

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