Membership to the Hermetic Academy costs only £12.99 per year.  Teachers please register Here.

This entitles you to access the online academy member area, find a teacher, attend events, seminars and online events run by the School.

Also access to members online research material publisher endorsed books, contribute and discuss with other like minded Hermetic students.

To Join, please use the subscribe button below.  Please Note this is not obligatory AND FOR STUDENTS WHO CANNOT AFFORD THIS PLEASE NOTIFY US AND USE THIS REGISTRATION FORM.  HOWEVER THE ACADEMY IS GRATEFUL FOR YOUR SUPPORT. You will receive an email after payment with registration instructions. (Note that the seller name will be listed as London Domains Ltd.) ALL FEES TO THE HERMETIC ACADEMY ARE COMPLETELY USED FOR THE STUDENT PLATFORMS AND RE INVESTED INTO THE ACADEMY.

(make sure to check your spam folder if you did not receive the registration email after a successful payment)