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About the author
Practical experience is the only way, to live your path, with all its pitfalls success and cultivated belief, the transformation of character or transmutation is the secret of the philosopher’s stone revealed.
Here I am sharing this magical mystical painting with you all, which is a part of my personal life. It starts with a story before my birth and comes to me only after 60 years, after both my parents left this earth when I had only known about it as a story never seeing it but in my imagination alone, only after my father left this world, it found its way back to me, when I was a child my father would speak of this painting and tell its story, that he had painted it in oil and framed it, as a request for an old friend who lived in the UK, who used to come and visit my father and mother in the monastery, as my father was the caretaker of the monastery, living there with my mother.
Direct perception
The mental-spiritual consciousness of man is the power of realising the truth by direct perception. In its full development, it is a power beyond the comprehension of a normal human. It enables its bearer to blend his own consciousness with that of any other person, to enter into communication with any other person in any part of the globe, although that other person may not become aware of his presence unless he has developed his own power of mental spiritual perception to a certain extent. Direct perception is one of the faculties which at the present state of evolution are not yet fully developed in mankind.
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